Sunday, May 17, 2009

Being woman ....Bella Dona.

To be catered by the opposite sex is one of the things women rarely get in a marriage.We usually see the woman dealing with kids or running mad in the kitchen.Some women don't realize the power they have over the male species .Our shape ,our scent or even our voice can bring a man to arousal.I was married for seven years until the love began to rapidly decline .I fell out of love because the fresh new beginnings had come to an abrupt end.The marriage ...the honeymoon ...then the beautiful gift of our twins.What came next ? Happily ever after...I remember how difficult it was for him to understand that I had completely fallen out of love.We lived in Miami at the time ..everyday I was quick to fulfill my duties as a house wife ,cook ,tend to the twins while making sure my husbands dinner was ready and that I looked appealing to his eyes.A mans sight is key to his interest,then there is our scent as he moves closer to his prey our scent should drive him wild in anticipation,last but not least is how we feel to his touch and how we touch in response adds to his libido ....I think we've tapped into some of his senses making him weak in lust though most men prefer to call it love...Hahaha.. Cleanliness and details ...We like comfort in our everyday living but the power of a stiletto on a pair of silky legs can make the most faithful man sin ...I've a wild imagination for role playing one of the things he confessed he could not live without unfortunate for him ,his new wife hasn't the drive for sensual games.My ex husband and I met on spring break vacation heading to the Dominican Republic.My trip was not thought out or planned aunt sent me a ticket to take my mind off studies.I was packed in less than an hour.To this day that hasn't changed ,I can never say no to a ticket already purchased for me ...the rest of the World must wait till I get back:hahaha! To be continued......

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